If you are looking for shops and companies in Higashimatsushima city, Miyagi prefecture, Higashimatsushima Town guide.

Higashimatsushima City, Miyagi was birthed after Naruse Town and Yamoto Town merged in 2005. The city is known for Okumatsushima and Sagakei (one of the top three river valleys in Japan), and its natural environment. It is also the home for the famous Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) aerobatic team, the Blue Impulse, whose practice flights can frequently be seen in the skies over the city.

Every year approximately 100,000 people from all over Japan come to the Blue Impulse’s airshow. Other events such as the Summer Festival are also held and are very popular. Also, Okumatsushima is privileged with bountiful resources and draws many recreational fishermen. The city is full of fresh and delicious seafood that cannot be beaten by surrounding cities, Ishinomaki, Matsushima, and Shiogama. But the city has much more to offer.

A Wealth of Seafood

・Higashimatsushima’s seaweed is dedicated yearly to the Japanese imperial family. Okumatsushima’s oysters, scallops, salmon, and flounder can be prepared as fresh raw fish (sashimi) or sushi. ・You can also enjoy its original “seaweed noodles” (nori udon) or an oyster hotpot (kaki nabe).


Local Produce

・Many local products such as “camellia oil” called Tsubame Yu (made in the Miyato district of Okumatsushima) and Nabe dishes using local ingredients are also popular.

●Enjoy the Nature of Okumatsushima

●Sky Art Drawn by the Blue Impulse

●A City Where You Can Enjoy the Ocean