If you are looking for shops and companies in Higashimatsushima city, Miyagi prefecture, Higashimatsushima Town guide.

The Sagakei Sightseeing Cruise

This sightseeing cruise gives you a great view of the magnificent scenery of Sagakei.

For reservations and inquiries:
Higashimatsushima Okumatsushima Sagakei Sightseeing Cruise Bureau
Phone: 0225-88-3997

Hiking up Mt. Ootakamori

The observatory at the top of Mt. Ootakamori provides a magnificent view of Matsushima Bay and Ishinomaki Bay. The trail to the top of the mountain has a mild incline but provides good exercise.

The Jomon Village History Museum

Miyato Island is often called the “Izu of Tohoku (Northeast Japan)” and houses Japan’s largest shell mounds called “Satohama Shell Mound.” It is a government-designated excavation site and Jomon artifacts, decorative bedding, as well as human bones have been excavated. These ruins have been confirmed to be from the Jomon, the late Jomon, and Yayoi periods. This museum will provide you a great experience of the Jomon period.

Practice Flights Flown over the Skies of Higashimatsushima

Frequently, you can enjoy the sight of the one and only JASDF aerobatic team, the Blue Impulse conducting practice flights in the skies over the city. Using colored smoke, the Blue Impulse pilots draw very large hearts, stars, and cherry blossoms, which especially surprise many first-time visitors.


A tour of the base is available by making a reservation
Public Relation Section, Administration Department, No. 4 Air Wing, Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF), Higashimatsushima, Miyagi 981-0503
Phone: 0225-82-2111(ex. 211)


Military Aircraft Airshow

The airshow at Matsushima Air Base in Higashimatsushima is a prime event that is as popular as Misawa Air Base’s airshow in Aomori. Many fighter planes as well as military aircraft from both Japan and the United States are on display. The base hosts many airshows that include Blue Impulse training flights, exhibition flights, as well as aerobatics. These all captivate many fans. These events give opportunities to those who wish to tour around the base and get a closer look.